EP29: ” FEARLESSNESS” can be a state of confidence needed to overcome challenges in your life! Following the #epicreturn of FAMU’s Homecoming, TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Marching 100 Drum Major Jarvis Rittman as he expresses key influences in his life!


  Uplifting each other can Manifest in different ways. ✨ Tune IN as T.Wood speaks with Nathaniel Logan as expresses challenges he overcame growing up and the lessons learned in his life that he uses to inspire others.


    No matter the bumps and bruises life can bring, find a way to survive the moment and press forward! TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Voorhees College President Dr. Ronnie Hopkins as he expresses challenging moments in his life that were pivotal to his growth and his desire to continue making a significant […]


  Part of understanding your triumph is recognizing the challenges you’ve overcome in your life! TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with President of Claflin University Dr Dwaun Warmack.

EP25: “Legacy”

  Many times in our journey through life, we face adversity. Those mountains are not meant to break us. Instead they’re meant to mold who we are to become and who we are to inspire when we are gone. Its called LEGACY. Have courage to press on and face challenges that come. Tune IN as […]

In the Man Cave

Choppin It Up with T.Wood: “HBCU Talk in the Man Cave” T.Wood brings together Chris Brown, Codeye Woody, Everett “Champ” Pace, Jermail Shelton, and Westly Francois to talk about their experiences with HBCUs. Posted by Choppin’ It Up with T.Wood on Monday, October 4, 2021

Voorhees Wall of Fame

All Things HBCU ChoppinitupwithT.Wood Voorhees College wall of fame #allthingshbcu #HBCU4Life #TWood #lostfootage #behindthescenes Posted by Choppin’ It Up with T.Wood on Tuesday, September 28, 2021


  For those people who find strength in their spirituality this is for you. You understand what it means for your steps to be ordered. TUNE IN as T.Wood has a compelling interview with Dr. Shelby Chipman, director of the Florida A&M University Marching 100, as he expresses the root of his drive, passion and […]


  EP23: “MY AUTHENTIC SELF” TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with President Dr. Artis as she expresses defining moments she experienced growing up as well as the importance of connecting with your AUTHENTIC SELF.