Choppin’ It Up
with T.Wood


Choppin It Up with T.Wood

Following Triumphant Moments with T.Wood, Choppin’ It Up with T.Wood is the second series that highlights T.Wood’s ability to connect with different groups of individuals. In this series it’s All Things HBCU. T.Wood educates, empowers, and inspires people to experience HBCUs in a new way. 

T.Wood showcases HBCUS in a variety of settings, including interviews, campus, and on-location footage. He engages with presidents, students, and others, shining a light on the rich, loving, fun culture surrounding HBCUs.

T.Wood is a graduate of two different HBCUs. His experiences, challenges, life-lessons, and life-long friendships shaped who he is today and played a key role into what he does today. Choppin’ It Up with T.Wood aims to celebrate HBCUs and to increase knowledge on the culture of HBCUs to attract students and athletes to increase enrollment at all HBCUs.

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