Community Leaders, Inspiring People, Good Role Models



Our guests range from community leaders, everyday people, leading industry experts, and cultural influencers. They are all inspiring people and good role models, Through them, TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS is your amplifier of all things encouraging.

By the end of the interview, our relationship is sealed in stone. They may enter as strangers but, upon exiting, they are part of the TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS family.

Dr. Judith Hawkins
Neibra Williams
Marnell Small
Chris Nappier
Reggie Abrieu
Benjamin Crump
Alicia Gosha
Stephen Chester
Sammie Smith
Corey Cameron
Karen Cohran
Terrell Buckley
Dr. Herron Gaston
Al Gibbs
Solon Phillips
Royle King
Syntoria Spencer
Dr. Laurence Jackson
Dr. Thomas Parham
Charlie Ward
DJ Demp
Nikki Pompey
Dr. Rosyln Artis
Dr. Dwuan Warmack
State Senator
Bobby Powell
Derrick Boseman
Kevin Boseman
Floyd Wright
Dr. Shelby Chipman
Jarvis Rittman
Ronald Miles
Aaron Walton
COL Gregory Clark
Dr. Larry Robinson
Nathaniel Logan Jr.
Dr. Ronnie Hopkins