About the Host


I am Terrence Woodbury, aka T. Wood, and I’m the host and creator of the TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS with T. Wood podcast. And, I am purposely omitting information about my personal life.

That’s because – and, forgive me for the cliché – this podcast is NOT about me.

Rather, TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS is a representation of unity, collaboration, and positivity. It’s about learning from your mistakes, and success stories.

Who’s Behind the Podcast 

This isn’t just about one inspiring podcast host. All of the members of the TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS FAMILY are volunteers. (Yes, they all work for “free”.) They have committed their time, talents, skills, financial resources, and countless prayers in support of my vision.

As a team, we are promoting positive change in a climate riddled with tragedy and distress.

Learning from Mistakes and Success Stories

I would be remiss if I did not conclude by referencing my opening remark. “Sometimes in life WE must fail in order to succeed, but WE must never, ever give up!” Fearing failure – losses, challenges, setbacks, etc. – is not an option.

Rather, we must suit ourselves with the Armor of God and battle through our setbacks and challenges until we get to the other side, learning from our mistakes, and building our own success story. 

When we do that, we will truly awaken to our TRIUMPHANT MOMENT.

Much Love and Success,

– T.Wood


“Sometimes in life you must fail in order to succeed, but you must never, ever give up!” 

I am Terrence Woodbury, aka T.Wood, and I am the creator and host of a podcast selectively named TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS. And, I introduce each episode of my podcast with the above quote. Why? Because it has become my personal mantra, motivating and inspiring me to be a better me.

Where did TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS come from?

TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS emerged from a burning desire that God placed on my heart to create a forum that would motivate, inspire, and encourage people to triumph over life’s challenges, learning from mistakes and creating their own success stories. 

As a professional in the mental health field, I understand clearly that sometimes we must look back in order to get a clearer picture of our future. I also recognize that successful people are not necessarily more intelligent, more experienced, or endowed with greater favor from God. The secret? Successful people triumph in their field because they never surrender their passion. Never, no matter how many times they fail.


TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS is not just a podcast, it is an awakening. The word awakening is defined as “the start of a feeling or awareness in a person”. In TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS, I push my guests to look beyond the surface of their present lives. There, they find those pivotal moments of their past where they triumphed over obstacles, learned from mistakes, and built their own success stories.

While a person’s current profession or status in life is important, that is not the focus of TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS. Instead, I seek to introduce our audience to the persons the guests were before they became who they are now.

Wealth, Status, and Popularity

Please understand this: TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS does not discriminate based on wealth, status, or popularity. When I first created the podcast, I reached out to people who inspired or encouraged me during my own challenging times. These were ordinary people, whom I had met over the years, who had compelling stories of triumph. They ranged from my business associates, to fraternity brothers, to church members. On the surface, they appeared as though they were “living their best lives”, as if God had somehow spared them from the challenges of life.

However, as the relationships developed, they trusted me enough to share their struggles. Ironically, while some had triumphed over their obstacles, others were still enduring very tough times. During my interviews, I challenge my guests to delve beyond the surface to pinpoint those defining moments in their past – or present – where they triumphed over something challenging.

And, it’s important to understand that guests do not recite a laundry list of difficult moments of their past. While they may relay them to me privately, they are never shared during the interview. That’s why I refer to TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS as an “awakening”. The awareness, acknowledgment, and healing come from within. The message is relayed and received without anyone having to share their intimate and private moments publicly.

My guests often later tell me that it was in that very moment – during the interviewing process – that they discovered their own triumphant moments. Why? Because for many of them, as is true for most of us, nobody ever bothered to ask them their story.


Since the initial round of interviews, all my guests have been referrals. I can earnestly acknowledge that I am doing what God destined me to do. There’s a familiar saying: “Tears are the waters that cleanse the soul”. I dare say that TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS contributes to that soul cleansing.

Originally, most of my guests did not know me from ‘Adam’s housecat.’

(Yes, I am a country boy – from Gainesville, Florida.) 

Prior to the interview, they provide me a brief, written bio. Then, we speak briefly by phone a few days ahead of the interview. That brief chat is where the connection is made. Or, should I say, it is the beginning of the ‘cleansing process’. 

By the end of the interview, our relationship is sealed in stone. They may enter as a stranger but, upon exiting, they are a part of the TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS family.