EP39: “A Part of Me” Darryl DJ Jones

Daryll “DJ” Jones As we go though life we will have experiences that shape who we are. Remember those moments and use them to inspire the next generation. Tune In as T.Wood takes a step back on memory lane with Former NFL Player Darryl DJ Jones as he highlights lessons learned and his passion to […]

EP37: “Perseverance” Bernard Kinsey

Bernard Kinsey Perseverance is doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Bernard Kinsey has done just that. He continues to provide a great visual example of persistence through difficult moments in life. Tune In as T.Wood speaks with Bernard Kinsey as he expresses his journey 🔗Share the link and share some free encouragement […]

EP36: ” I’m Human” Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward Professional athletes are not immune to the harsh emotional effects that quick judgment and criticism brings. TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Charlie ward about his experience as a former professional athlete turned coach and how he uses his experience to mentor other athletes. 🔗Share the link and share some free encouragement with […]

EP35: ” Acknowledge your Purpose” Carl Gilliard

Carl Gilliard Many of us in life have face moments where we have vision and dream of doing something in life that is in-tuned with what we feel is our purpose. At some point we must acknowledge the voice inside that points to our calling. No matter what your gift is take the first step […]

EP34: “Inspire Before You Expire”

Bill Duke EP34: “Inspire Before You Expire” Legendary Actor, Director and Producer – Bill Duke There are many things we seek to accomplish In our life time. Out of everything you Desire be willing to Inspire, before you Expire. TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Bill Duke as he expresses his thoughts on challenges he’s […]


Dr. Larry Robinson Being bigger than ourselves usually means foregoing personal gain in efforts to favor a larger entity; such as family ,clan, Community or society. .TUNE in as T.Wood speaks with Florida A&M University President Dr. Larry Robinson as he expresses pivotal moments in his life that were key to his professional and personal […]