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About Triumphant Moments With T.Wood

TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS with T.Wood is a relatable podcast for positive change. Host T.Wood engages with a unique variety of everyday people, experts, and more. T.Wood, through his guests, highlights significant moments in life that are beyond the surface  – showing how we all can relate to one another.While connecting with them, a guide emerges on how to encourage, inform, and inspire people to triumph over life’s challenges.

EP36: ” I’m Human” Charlie Ward

  Professional athletes are not immune to the harsh emotional effects that quick judgment and criticism brings. TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Charlie ward about his experience as a former professional athlete turned coach and how he uses his experience to mentor other athletes.

EP35: ” Acknowledge your Purpose” Carl Gilliard

Many of us in life have face moments where we have vision and dream of doing something in life that is in-tuned with what we feel is our purpose. At some point we must acknowledge the voice inside that points to our calling. No matter what your gift is take the first step and “Acknowledge your Purpose” Tune In as T.Wood speaks with Actor, Producer and Writer Carl Gilliard as he expresses being at his lowest point in life and refusing to give up or let go…..

EP34: “Inspire Before You Expire”

EP34: “Inspire Before You Expire” Legendary Actor, Director and Producer – Bill Duke There are many things we seek to accomplish In our life time. Out of everything you Desire be willing to Inspire, before you Expire. TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Bill Duke as he expresses his thoughts on challenges he’s overcome as well as choices he made to follow his heart, while encouraging others at every Opportunity he gets. -T.Wood


Being bigger than ourselves usually means foregoing personal gain in efforts to favor a larger entity; such as family ,clan, Community or society. .TUNE in as T.Wood speaks with Florida A&M University President Dr. Larry Robinson as he expresses pivotal moments in his life that were key to his professional and personal growth.


Exclusive to my subscribers….THANK YOU for being with me from the beginning! This is for anyone who felt like giving up after all we’ve been through in this last year and a half…TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS with T.Wood.

EP32: “Humble Beginnings”

  EP32: “Humble Beginnings” Believe it or not, many special leaders come from some of the most humbling, unanticipated situations. TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with the President of Cheyney University (First HBCU) as he expresses challenges in life that have prepared him to lead and inspire a generation of youth.


EP31: “MAKE A WAY”There will be challenges, that’s for sure. When odds are stacked against you, dig deep within yourself. TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Ronald Miles  as he expresses his thoughts on challenges he’s overcome as well as his dedication and love for his community in Baltimore, MD


EP30: YOU NEED TO KNOW…It’s very important to make sure you understand your resources and to support those resources. TUNE IN as T.Wood brings together key leaders from the United Negro College Fund, as they chat about minority education advocacy, education inspiration, and more. See more episodes here and find our YouTube channel here.


  How to Be Confident and Fearless With FAMU Marching 100 Drum Major Jarvis Rittman EP29: ” FEARLESSNESS” can be a state of confidence needed to overcome challenges in your life! Following the #epicreturn of FAMU’s Homecoming, TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Marching 100 Drum Major Jarvis Rittman. This episode will talk about Jarvis’ key influences in his life, and how to be confident and fearless. And, to learn more about university leadership, check out our new episode, YOU NEED TO KNOW.


Uplifting each other and learning how to help others can Manifest in different ways. ✨ Tune IN as T.Wood speaks with Nathaniel Logan as expresses challenges he overcame growing up and the lessons learned in his life that he uses to inspire others and for helping others. See more episodes here and find our YouTube channel here.