Triumphant Moments


About Triumphant Moments With T.Wood

TRIUMPHANT MOMENTS with T.Wood is a relatable podcast for positive change. Host T.Wood engages with a unique variety of everyday people, experts, and more. T.Wood, through his guests, highlights significant moments in life that are beyond the surface  – showing how we all can relate to one another.While connecting with them, a guide emerges on how to encourage, inform, and inspire people to triumph over life’s challenges.

EP19: “Self-Actualization”

  EP19: “Self-Actualization”. in order to understand your worth you must invest time in understanding what makes you unique. Create a personal goal to be the best version of YOU. TUNE IN as T.WOOD speaks with Marnell Small as she takes us on a journey to embracing her uniqueness while encouraging others.


  EP18: “COURAGE”. Sometimes in life, there may be a time when one experiences utter devastation. Even though you may not have control over the situation, what you can affect is what’s within you. In this case it’s COURAGE. TUNE IN and listen to Karen Cohran’s story. I hope this episode feeds your motivation during the most challenging times your life!


T.  Wood’s interview with Dr. Thomas A. Parham, President of California State University, Dominguez Hills.